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Tile & Grout Restoration

don’t replace it. restore it.

The SaniGLAZE process is a multi-step restoration process that uses propriety products and systems to permanently solve your tile and grout problems. Over time dirt accumulates and seeps into the pores creating an unsanitary mess. SaniGLAZE removes the impurities and keeps them out.


Enduraglaze process

Provides an exceptionally high level of appearance and protection. Specially formulated grout overlay coatings can restore the natural color of the grout; when desired they can even change the color of the grout. A specially formulated shield coating, SaniMAX, restores the original luster of old tile, while adding a full layer of easy-to-clean and durable protection to the entire surface.

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Chromaglaze process

With the magic of SaniMAX-C, the color of tile floors and walls can, in just a few hours, be changed easily and affordably without the hassle and headache of remodeling.
SaniMAX-C has all the attributes and advantages of Sani-MAX with the addition of color options.

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Variglaze process

A restorative bonding process utilizing two durable coatings plus decorative accent chips to overlay the entire surface. The base is a pigmented coating available in a variety of colors; the top coat is a clear coating. This process will change the color of both the tile and grout to create a unique, unified look. A special compound of micro-particles can be added to enhance appearance and improve the coefficient of friction. VariGLAZE provides an exceptionally high level of appearance and the ultimate protection.